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Where the Lamb Lurks

A Place I Dump all My Translations.


.who the hell is this?.

Well, cheezy here with a new profile that's so much simpler because I’m just too lazy to code things right now. This LJ account’s mostly used as my translation dump site and to share them my friends, seriously, LJ has an awesome filtering system that I wish is available on wordpress or blogger. I do lurk around in communities and pop out once in a while to comment though.

If you want to know more about me or read about my crazy fandom obsession, just drop by my blog. I usually talk about manga there. According to my bf, apparently I eat, sleep, breath manga everyday which is so not true! I read light novels too ;A;!

I’m a pretty avid gamer myself.


This journal's used as a massive dump site for translation I've done during my spare time and for scanlation groups I'm involved in. I don't claim rights to the works done by the mangaka or the publisher but these translations are not to be used without my permission.

This journal's filled with adult and BL (boy love, aka Man on man action) content. If you're underage (16 and below) please don't look at this journal. Stay far far away from it. You've been warned.


Please refer to this post before adding me for translations. :D Chances are, I won't add you back if you don't at least leave a comment there.

I don’t mind adding you if we share the same interest and you’re going to talk to me for once instead of lurking around in the dark though. :D Malaysians get privilege ‘cause memang warganegara yang sama and I’d love to meet my fellow countrymen!


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