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Just a little notice for people who just landed on my LJ and wants to add me as friends. Chances are I'll add you on LJ to stalk you but there really isn't any point to add me because I will never ever use LJ as a personal blog. That doesn't mean I'm not active on the internet though? If you really want to stalk me, you can go to the links listed below.

Main Blog: http://wherethelamblurks.xmyvfx.com/
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Twitter: http://twitter.com/wasabi_senbei

A much needed "Welcome!"

All translations are all friend locked now. Why doesn't anybody read this D8! I'm not accepting friend request for translations anymore.

Summaries for Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi's still open to public on my blog, so you don't really have to add me to get some spoilers or teaser. 

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Echochi Scan's Recruiting!

Obligatory recruitment post since I'm the boss (or wannabe) and we need more people to keep releases going steady... *copied and pasted from phamalama aka Kim who copied from xploded_tb* We're looking for:

Cleaners - Preferably with experience, or able to at least follow tutorials well.
Typesetters - Style text, especially SFX, and you might need to be able to clone and redraw as well. (Do prepare some of your past works, if any.)
Jap to Eng translators - No experience needed, but you need to be able to understand enough. (Any questions, you can comment here too!)
Quality checker - Able to check for inconsistencies for grammar and overall product right before release. (You’ll need to be able to check within 1 or 2 days upon receiving the scanlated piece.)

Please do not hesitate to contact us at echochi.scans@gmail.com. ;) If you want to find out more about editing/typesetting, don't hesitate to ask me questions if you've got any too!

Continue to stalk us via: website / twitter / FB / RSS

My lovely, awesome staffs did such an awesome thing! COME JOIN THE FAMILY!! I'm going to make more pretty recruiting inserts using some scans that we're going to be working on. *hintthepicabovetoo*


Not Posting Anymore Translations Here

Rather than to have you guys wait for me well, it's not like anybody's waiting anyway, I'd like to make this public announcement that I'll stop translating Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi from now onwards. I know I promised to get volume 6's translations out when the volume gets printed, I guess it's not necessary anymore. 

To make long stories short, I started translating SiH when volume 1 was first published. Then, everybody was so into Junjou Romantica, that nobody really wanted to give this awesome manga a try. I tried to make my friends read it, but they refused to because it was in Japanese, a language which they're not familiar with. Thus, I started this little project of mine, so that everybody could enjoy the manga. Though there were some rather funny kinks along the way, I'm glad to see this series flourish so much.
I guess I've finally completed my mission of getting the few of you to read this series and it's time to hand the baton over to somebody else. :D

If you've added me just to read my horrid translations, please feel free to unfriend me and I'll do the same for you too. :) I won't be accepting friend request for translations either, unless you really want to make friends with me, lol!
Thank you so much for all the support you've given me and all the lovely comments which I do read, just seemed redundant to write the same reply all the time. Without you, I wouldn't even survive translating this horridly long manga with so much text. m(_ _)m
PS: Shu, I'm not nice :D

Using My Translations...? I Think Not!!

It has come to my attention that there are people out there who uses my poor excuse of translations and edited them on public raws. It saddens me to think that some people has forgotten about the disclaimers I used to put in my old post even though I've mentioned this in my LJ profile page and the first post you see on my journal.

Now, dear LJ friends, you'll be reading the same copy-and-pasted disclaimers I've kindly left out, because they were taking quite a lot of space, in every single one of my post from now on. 

You may think I'm a bitch for holding such a tight leash on my scripts, but I have my own reasons. Some of you know me well enough to understand me but let me clarify this for people out there once again in bold.

Do not use my translations without my permission for commercial or scanlating purposes. If you want to edit this on raws, do not use my translations. Find your own translator to get the scripts yourself. 

Here is the list of reasons why translations in this journal cannot be used for scanlating:
  • The quality of the translation is inadequate, not up-to-par, bad, not good and every other words that define the first adjective. Hanamai's a good example of how bad my translations are. I got the main character's name wrong and didn't even realise it until the last chapter because I had been translating from public raws instead of the tankoubon I have on hand. :( 
  • I do not proofread my scripts when I post it on LJ. The scripts have not been proofread by me or anybody else. So you'll be suffering through my Engrish, badly constructed sentences and glaringly noob translating skills of literal translations. 
  • All the series I am translating now is being scanlated by a proper scanlation group. All these scripts went through proofreading by myself and the proofreader, cross-checking and more proofreading at quality check (QC) stage. The final results are totally different from what I have here right now.
  • As for Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, it's currently being scanlated by scanlating superstar, Dangerous Pleasure. That's more than enough reasons why I do not want my scans to be used.
To cut it short, I just do not want my translations to be used. What's more using public raws (scans found online) is a big no-no to me. If you want to use them, buy your own tankoubon and scan them. MAYBE we'll talk about using my trans. 

If the problem prevails, I'll be forced to take drastic measure, mentioned below;

I'll lock my posts and nothing will be available to public. People who added me but I don't know you, well you're in danger. I'll only keep people I know I can trust as my friends and most of you who has empty journals or I've never seen you around LJ community you'll be booted off. 

If you want to be added, you'll have to show proof that you own the books/tankoubon in Japanese. Link me a picture of your books. Manga isn't a necessity, it's a need. Something that you can live without. If you're not old enough to buy BL (Yaoi/shoune ai) that means you're not old enough or legal to even be reading BL. And if your excuse is "homosexual contents are banned in your country"? Well guess what? It's banned in mine as well, but I'm still able to get those books. 

And no, not having to read a series isn't the end of the world for you. There are tons of people out there who has better Japanese proficiency than me. Heck neither Japanese nor English are my mother tongue.

For now, I'll leave it as it is but once I see a hide of my translations being used on raws and distributed in lets say nihonomaru, the plan will be in effect immediately. I'll be watching you. 

I started translating for my friends and I'll continue sharing them here in my journal for the wonderful people I've meet in LJ throughout the years. Why suffer the consequences when you've been nothing but supportive to me. m(_ _)m I am not worthy! You know who you are so you won't be affected by the stupidity of others. 

I'm not going to lock my post or boot anybody off my friend list for now. This is posted as a warning to readers and that if I do find someone using my trans without permission again, I'll do whatever means necessary. Every thing's back to normal until the first volume of SiH by June is out. :D

Echochi! Birth of a new BL Group!

:D I wonder how many people reads my journal here. Anyway, my dearest friend, Naomi and I created a sister group (or a sub-group) from Ochibichan-scans that does only BL called Echochi. All thanks to nostalgicity who's willing to scan one project for us!

So far we have two projects in mind, Hanamai Koeda de Aimashou and Amayadori wa Basu-tei de, both by Kano Ayumi. We've already started our first project, but for the second project, we're still looking for another editor to start on it. I don't think we'll need another translator since OS is filled with wonderful translators unless you're a Japanese to English translator or a crosschecker. 

I'm going to make one last shout out here.

Echochi.scans is recruiting!!
We're looking for: 
Cleaners, Typesetters, Editors, Crosscheckers!!

For cleaners and typsetters, experience isn't exactly needed, as long as you're willing to learn, we're happy to help you out! As for editors, we need you to have experience since you're going to head a project's editing team and be the "art director" or supervisor for that project. Crosscheckers are people who checks scripts that are translated from Chinese with the Japanese raws for the sake of accuracy and to fill in the blanks. So, CC-ers must have a good grasp in Japanese. 

You don't have to stay with us for a long term either, but if you love us enough and want to stay around, please feel free to do so. We're nice people! And to prevent the projects from dragging on and on, causing staff to lose interest in it, we're going to release the project by volumes instead of chapters. So a few editors (or cleaners/ts-er) will work on project to make sure it goes out fast. ;D

Enough said, if you're interested, feel free to write an email to us at echochi(dot)scans(at)gmail(dot)com with the position you're applying for as your headline. :D Any questions feel free to write a comment here!

To All Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Fans...

Don't worry, I'm not going to stop translating... I hope not. Just want to get some idea on something.

We have communities for Junjou Romantica series, but none for Sekaiichi after so many years. Isn't it time for the poor series to have one?! Everybody agrees right? We need a place for all Sekaiichi fans to gather instead of hiding in JR communities right!

So then, I tried to make one with the titles, '[info]sekaiichi  ' but it's already taken by a user, and another one '[info]sekai_ichi  ',which is a Sekaiichi Hatsukoi community but with only two member and no post. I'm running out of brain juice for a name of the community, thus, I need your help!!

Btw, anybody interested in being a moderator here? One or two is more than enough for now, so those who's interested, don't hesitate to leave a message here.

Right, community created. Instead of SIH though, now it's sekai_hatsukoi  (thanks to m3m3-chan's suggestion). Someone took SIH and deleted the account. I need to have some removal token to use. Membership is moderated but feel free to join. We're still working on the community right now, so it'll take a while for your membership to be approved.

I still need another moderator, hopefully one who knows how to customise/build LJ layouts.

Yes, I still need a moderator who is free enough to post scanlated pages (DP let us redistribute their files) like an online viewing site. Leave me a note here and I'll send you some requirements.

SO, what you can do now is to spread the words of this new comm! Please do read the rules and regulation before you join though...

Grand Reopening!

The last time I posted on  LJ was 4 years ago, so I'm still trying to get a hang on this. Anyway, deleted all my old entries as I've decided to use this journal to post up translations I did for doujinshi and maybe manga. Do note though, don't take those translations without my permission, as it's only for personal use. I don't lay claim on those doujinshi and manga as well. Anything else I left out? I guess I'll post up a few of the translations later as it's getting late here and I'm off early for work tomorrow...

My blog is back at blogspot.com, there's where I'll rant and all. ^_^ Some of the translations are up for grabs there now though...

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